August 8th

We rent a car and head over to the north side of Sicily to see a boat storage place and the Marina, as we are looking for both a home for the last two weeks or so of our trip and a resting place for the boat for the winter. We find both.

John and I are pretty exhausted from the heat, and all the miles we have done in the last few months, and just want to find a place where we can stay put and relax for a few weeks before heading back to the USA. Traveling by sailboat takes a huge amount of stamina and resilience. It has been a great test of John and my relationship, and am happy to say that we have survived it and done extremely well. There have been some really stressful times, with a lot going wrong, and we weathered it with few, if any issues between us. We understand each other quite well, and work together well as a team, with the occasional hiccup. This has been a truly amazing experience.

si 901
Beautiful trees line streets of Messina
si 903
Our possible safe haven for next two weeks
si 904
si 905
si 906