We decided to take a ferry, instead of our boat to go and make a visit to two of the Eolian Islands as it is the busiest holiday week in Italy, and were not sure if we would find safe anchorage or moorings. This way, we could also scope it out and see where we wanted to come with our boat, when we come back next summer.

I fell instantly in love with the islands. There is a stark beauty to these volcanic islands and even the masses of tourists visiting could not detract from that beauty. Clear blue waters, rugged landscapes, beautiful villages, active volcanoes and lovely beaches – everything that I could wish for in one place.

Lipari, the most populated island of the Eolian islands had a very interesting port town, with many good restaurants, bakeries, stores and lots to do. The architecture was interesting and the town was picturesque. It is somewhere I could consider living.

The island of Vulcano has a sulfur spewing crater, natural mud baths and a haunting stark landscape. There is a smaller village here, and the place does smell like rotten eggs. The earth is hot and steaming in places and so is the ocean floor. Hot mud bubbles up with a sulfurous

li 101
Approaching Lipari
li 103
Village in Lipari
li 105
Whites and blues
li 106
Shopping in the village
li 107
Delicate purple flowers
li 108
Inside a church
li 110
I want this house and truck
li 115
Beautiful Sicilian girl in pastry shop
li 122
Both wearing fish on their heads
li 125
li 131
vu 106
Vulcano – mud baths

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vu 129
Washing off mud in warm seas
vu 131
Fresh tuna for lunch
vu 132
Church containing black Madonna on top of cliff on way back

odor in the mud pools and hundreds took advantage of the pools yesterday to get covered in mud. They would then go straight into the warm sea to cleanse and soak in the warm waters. John and I both had fun playing in the mud, like little kids! John started to look like a swamp man escaping the bogs.