We wake up to a wonderful view of the ocean, and with the light streaming into the beautiful room, go back to sleep for another few hours. Had a scrumptious breakfast at the hotel, before heading out for our trip to the craters of Mount Etna. We drive there for about an hour and a half, and the landscape becomes more alien and lunar the higher we head up. It is hot as we leave, and by the time we get to the base of the craters, we need sweatshirts and jackets. There is even snow on the ground! We take a cable car up to the next level, and then for the final journey up to the top where the most recent craters are, we have to take a 4 wheel drive bus.

We hiked around two craters that were formed over three months when there were new eruptions in 2003. The last eruptions with lava flow, were about three months ago. While we are there, we see a column of steam start coming out of the top crater, which is still very active.

The vegetation growing on these slopes is very different, and the scenery looks like something from another planet. The top of Mount Etna is at almost 11,000 feet, it is windy and the air is thin. The sun feels very strong, even though it is quite cold.

After a few hours, we make our way back down the mountain and head back to our boat. We have only been gone for just over a day, and we miss it already. What are we going to do when we leave next week?

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