August 18th

Decided to explore inland and go towards Taormina, which is on the east coast of Sicily. We drive through the mountains towards Mount Etna and pass through the beautiful mountain village of Novara di Sicilia, where you have a view all the way to the ocean and where we have just come from.

Heading further South East, we finally get to the coast and can see across the ocean to the “toe” of Italy, and it makes us realize how many miles we have traveled by boat. We get to the hilltop town of Taormina in the late afternoon, and decide to spend the night. We book a last minute hotel room, where there was just one room left with great reviews, and walk over there. It is in the old town of Taormina and a very romantic, Moroccan inspired hotel. We are given a room with a beautiful sea view and we can also see the main street of the old town.

We head out to explore and there is so much to see. There are many churches, beautiful buildings and a greek amphitheater. The views from this hilltop town are stunning.

Later, we head to the Terrace of our hotel for drinks, and can not only see the village, but the bays and ocean beyond and Mount Etna! It is a spectacular sunset, and we find it hard to leave the setting, so have dinner there as the full moon rises. Back in the bedroom, we have a spectacular marble bathroom with a claw footed tub, gold fittings that are appropriate in the room and enjoy a lovely soak in the tub. Have missed my tub at home, so this was heaven. What a perfect way to end this beautiful day.


sc 801
View from Novara di Sicilia
sc 805
Novara di Sicilia
sc 809
Hotel room in Taormina
sc 813
Our bedroom window with ocean view
sc 815
View from Taormina
sc 823
Taormina old town

sc 824

sc 826
Greek amphitheatre
sc 833
Dinner on terrace of our hotel
sc 836
Full moon
sc 838
View from Terrace as we went to bed