September, 2016

Wow, it was difficult to adjust back to life in the city! Traffic, noise, stress…. after months of life with almost no stress or city life, it was overwhelming at first. John and I both just wanted to escape back to the boat for the first few weeks. We hibernated, were not very social, and saw our familiar surroundings from just a few months ago in a whole new light.

Loved and appreciated time with family and friends, and realized even more, the value of having them in my life. However, we did not get a chance to catch up with many of them, so need more time to do so.

Appreciated the cooler weather, with lots of sunshine. Perfect weather.

New appreciation for how easy it was to get things done and how structured and organized Los Angeles is, how many choices we have.

Shocked by how dry it had become. We really need rain. Flying into Los Angeles, observed that it was beginning to look like a dust bowl.

Amazed at how stressful life is here, and how everyone accepted that as “normal”. Everyone appears to be on a treadmill that is spinning ever faster and longer and one can’t get off.

Loved how friendly people are and how willing they are to smile, even when things are tough.

Surprised how expensive things seemed after our time in Europe. I always thought Europe was more expensive than the USA, but maybe because the dollar is so strong right now, that is not the case. We actually spent less money in Europe than we do here.