One of those dream concert events was happening out in the desert in California in early October. Who knows how longs these icons will still be alive and able to perform. They are all in their seventies now. This is the line up over three nights at the Coachella venue near La Quinta.

Friday: Bob Dylan * Rolling Stones
Saturday: Neil Young * Paul McCartney
Sunday: The Who * Roger Waters from Pink Floyd

Each of the performers did a full concert on the open fields of Coachella under starry nights on one huge stage with somewhere between 70,000 and 100,000 people attending each night. It was balmy and warm. People strolled, consumed food, wine, beer and I definitely could smell some green smoke in the air. The age groups were very mixed from young adults to much older people. The atmosphere was at times electrifying, and at times, very mellow. People sat in assigned seats, or brought their own blankets or chairs to sit on.

Although these aging musicians voices sometimes struggled with the vocals, they have not lost their ability to perform, and it was an unforgettable three days.