It has taken me some time to get my thoughts together and summarize our summer sailing on a boat in Europe. It was emotional and difficult leaving the boat and this adventure. John and I both loved the time so much, and were not ready to abandon ship. We sailed the seas of five countries from April to August, logging almost 1600 miles on the move.

We learned so much about ocean, weather, sailing and motoring, docking and anchoring, and navigation. We learned so much about the people and culture in each country, enjoyed the natural beauty and experienced their foods and adapted to their way of life.

Life took on a different pace, where more often than not, we did not need to be at a specific place by a specific date or time, so we could choose to linger in some places, and keep moving in others. There was no schedule, so sometimes we would stay out very late, sleep in late, or have an afternoon nap, walk or sail. Life without a schedule is an amazing experience, and makes you see things in a whole new way. The luxury to think about and absorb your surroundings, to dream and think about the larger picture, to have the time to research and look into any thought or idea that enters your head and broaden your view, the time to JUST.LET.GO.

It seems that from the moment we become adults, there is the pressure to perform and excel, to fit into the society where you are living, to keep attaining goals, to have a family and home, to work to attain financial success or recognition, to work at social success. There does not seem to be enough time to just stop and enjoy the simpler things in life. We are constantly on the move. No time to breath.

Having this “Time-out” from life as we knew it, was invaluable, and changed our priorities and outlook on life forever. We all need a time to do this. It is not easy to make that time, but it is something, that if you make it a priority, can become a reality. I highly recommend it.