We rented the top floor of this beautiful home on St. Charles Avenue in Uptown, New Orleans. Little did I know, that the thing I would love most about New Orleans was riding the streetcars. There is a stop for one almost right outside our door.

The St. Charles Streetcar line is the oldest continuously operating streetcar in the world! The mahogany seats, brass fittings and exposed ceiling light bulbs are from a day when plastic seats and aluminum rails were not even a thought. The noisy, manually conducted cars have run down St. Charles Avenue and Carrollton Avenue for more than 150 years. The streetcar symbolizes the charm and beauty of this interesting and diverse city. Occasionally the lights go out for a few moments, sparks fly, and there are small explosions with flashes of light. No one seems concerned, so neither am I.

We have been almost everywhere the Streetcars go. We have met the most interesting people on our many journeys on these streetcars, and the views along the route are amazing. Many beautiful buildings and homes, ancient trees and gardens can be seen along the way. Here is to keeping the old, and not updating these wonderful streetcars with something sleek and modern!

Waiting for the streetcar


On my way home