Well, if you know me at all, you will know I am always drawn to the nature of any place. Although New Orleans is a city, there are so many parks, beautiful trees everywhere, and water seems an integral part of this city.

We made a trip out to a Bayou near New Orleans so we could experience the swamps and see a glimpse of life on the Bayou. The swamps and rivers are filled with fish, crabs, frogs, alligators, turtles and snakes. The soggy and mushy soil around the swamps are filled with trees that do not rot, reeds, and a lot of other vegetation to make a dense, almost impenetrable barrier. Spanish moss hangs from the tree branches, creating this mysterious, magical place. There are birds everywhere. We saw egrets, herons, a bald eagle, vultures and many more that I could not identify.

My favorite encounter was with a mother and her three babies – raccoons. They waded over very cautiously to our boat to get marsmallow from our fingers. Their caution was not because they were afraid of us, but because they were afraid of becoming a meal for an alligator… apparently the alligators love to eat them.

The city parks have ponds and lakes, and these are filled with birds, amongst other critters. Definitely not feeling a lack of nature here.