November 6th and 7th

We rented a car and drove for a couple of hours to a lake and swamp near Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. Flat country. Water, swamps and marshy areas all along the way. Lots of trees, birds and flowers bordered the highway.

The ride on a boat around the lake and marshes towards the end of the day was so beautiful. The trees growing out of the water, yellow flowers and lilies in what looked like fields, but did not have a solid bottom. Birds, so many birds, everywhere! It was so serene and peaceful and did not want the journey to end. We would spot alligators noses and eyes just peaking out of a green, plant covered water. As we approached, they would glare at us and then quietly vanish below the green cover.

We wanted to come back the next morning to rent canoes and spend the day on our own in the swamp, but heavy rain clouds rolled in that night and it was pouring hard the next day. No chance of going out on the Lake.

Spent the night in a romantic cabin on the Bayou at Breaux Bridge. Next morning, as the rain was not abating, drove to Lafayette for lunch, browsed a museum there, and drove back through poring rain to New Orleans to pick up our friend Bob so we could go to Venice to spend the night. We are going fishing on the morning of election day.

Cormorant drying its wings surrounded by Spanish moss
Silence and beauty in the marshes
Cabin on the Bayou where we spent the night
Alligator glares at us before silently disappearing
Bald Eagle watches us from a lofty perch
Blue Herons everywhere
Flowers, lilies and trees grow in the water of the marshes


A perfect location for a house