A day I will never forget!

Woke up at five am after a restless night to get ready to go fishing on the marshes and inland water ways of Louisiana after spending the night in a cabin in Venice Marina.

It was raining, but we had purchased rain gear the previous day, and were really looking forward to a morning of fishing. We had a really experienced local fisherman, and he took us to some  good spots. We caught many red fish that had to be thrown back due to size, but eventually Bob and John caught two beauties – each somewhere between 10 and 15 pounds. They also caught some bass that we kept. We now had a feast of fish to prepare for our Election night dinner that we were hosting at our home in New Orleans.

The Election did not bring the results we had hoped for, and it was a huge wake up call for many people in this country. Emotions are running high on both sides. I am not going to express my political views on this specific blog. May do so later when the dust settles and things have calmed down. I love this country and hope that things will not be as bad as so many of us fear.