Six weeks too long in Las Vegas

I cannot be away from the ocean. Las Vegas sucked my creativity dry. I was unable to write at all while there, and only now, that I am sitting where I can hear the ocean again, is my creativity restored.

We were in Las Vegas from Thanksgiving to just after the New Year. We stayed in a high rise building off the strip, and being a corner unit, had a panoramic view of the strip and the snow capped ring of mountains circling Las Vegas. That view saved me, as it transported me out of Vegas.

Highlights of the trip were when Shane and Allegra, John’s niece came up to stay, a mini side trip to Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park, hiking through Red Rock Canyon National Park, going to a Rodeo, and seeing several shows such as Jerry Seinfeld, Jennifer Lopez, Le Reve and Zumanity. OK, listing the things we did get to do, makes me realize it was not so bad…. :). I am spoiled. It is just that city living and Vegas is not my thing – maybe for a few days, but no more. Made it to 2017. Time to hit the road back to LA!