Back in Marina del Rey for the start of the new Year and staying in the same place where we stayed in September. A month of catching up with work, friends we have not seen since we left for our sailing trip almost a year ago,time with Shane that has been much missed,  working out to lose some of those pounds gained in New Orleans, and a time to be grateful.

Trump is inaugurated and the roller coaster ride starts, with something new every day causing chaos and conflict in the country. It is the most divided I have ever seen the USA, with many feeling an unease that makes them not sleep well at night. Emotions running high. Marches, movements and petitions started almost daily – on both sides. Families and friends divided and everyone so polarized. Makes me want to have as much fun as possible, before this all reaches an ugly climax and there is no fun anymore. Selfish, I know, but just for a little while… 🙂 Then, I will try and be responsible again.