After the election

John and I were shell-shocked after the election. Despite the fact that we were living in a red state, and that so many people had told me that they were voting for Trump, I still could not believe it when he won the presidency. It was sobering and a realization that almost 50% of the population in the USA did not hold my views. Time to take a closer look at what the underlying currents are that drive this country to try and understand the “alternate” point of view.

We were distracted by friends coming into New Orleans for a wedding, and the event itself was memorable. The wedding was a merging of all cultures, a lovely young couple, with friends and family that could have represented the United Nations. It appropriately took place on the corner of Race and Religion.

A few days later, we packed our bags to head back to Los Angeles for a few days, before going to Las Vegas for the holidays.