Two weeks in February

I never understood all the hype about living in Malibu. I always thought it was the allure of all that wealth and the many celebrities who live there. We were lucky enough to negotiate a great rate since it was off season, for a place right on Malibu Beach for two weeks. We fell in love with Malibu.

Our temporary home was literally on top of the ocean, where at high tide, the waves rolled in under the house, rocking and shaking the house as the waves pounded. As the tide went down, we could step out onto the soft sand and walk for miles. There is so much marine life in the tide pools, and so many species of birds congregate here. Not to mention the dolphins that frolick daily, feeding on the bait balls that attract these playful creatures along with thousands of birds. Occasionally, we would spot a plume of water spray high into the air, as a California grey whale makes its way back north to Alaska. It rained several days while we were there, and wether rain or shine, it was so peaceful, with the sound of the ocean a constant.

It is hard to believe that Santa Monica and the “big city” is only about 30 – 40 minutes away. Of course, that depends on the time of day and traffic. The feel of Malibu is not of a party town, but of a small village, where people are friendly and all the locals seem to know each other.

The sounds of crickets and birds, other than the ocean are what you mostly hear. The air feels clean and fresh. The beaches free of trash and for the most part people. It is not unusual at this time of the year to go for a long walk and only encounter one or two other people also out for a walk, or walking a dog. The dogs are not on leash, and run with sheer joy and abandon up and down the beach and often into the water. It was a lovely experience and one I hope to repeat at some point in my life.

Our walk
John under the bridge. Fresh rain water runs down to the ocean in a constant stream
Snowy plover. Just caught the eye in focus as it flew by
Marbled godwit. They look for food at the water’s edge.
Sea anemones and ferns bring soft pastels to the ocean
Walk at Point Dume


Snowy egret in search of a meal
Exposed rock appears like mountain surrounded by desert, but quite small in scale
Tide pools
Shane and friends go for swim
Two beautiful homes on the beach
Spectacular sunsets
Mira Sorvina tries to capture waves as they pound the rocks and becomes an image too as the spray spews over her.