Woke up early as it was expected to rain later, and walked 12 miles this day, according to my Fitbit! A record for me, since I started wearing it. Have two blisters on my feet today to show for it.

We explored the area all day and into the late afternoon, as the rain was delayed. There is so much sea life, bird life and even wildlife, as we encountered some deer as well.

We drove the famous 17 mile drive at Pebble Beach to Carmel where the rich live and play golf with greens and sand pits right on the coastline or amid ancient tall trees that have withstood the forces of nature that pound this rugged coastline.

Sea otters were everywhere in the ocean and could not stop watching them – they remind me of puppies. Had wonderful meals here in Monterey where seafood is fresh and caught out in the bay. Delicious clam chowders, oysters on the half shell and abalone, a treat I have not had in years. Lots of good wine as well. A day I will not forget any time soon.

Gateway to play golf on the beach. 17 mile drive
Woken up by a pesky bird and not happy about it.
Crooked stick for a crooked dog.
Otter playing in surf
Cormorant flies back to nest under pile-ons of jetty


17 mile drive coastline