We drove through the Alexander Valley – highly recommended – all the way to the coast and Eureka. This windy road through the valley is lined with majestic old trees, famous wineries, beautiful estate homes, and quaint towns with many mom and pop stores, art galleries and restaurants lining the main street. No fast food or chain stores to be found. We were told that land costs a million dollars per acre. The highest concentration of top restaurants per capita is found in this area. It is a place where the wealthy vacation and live. It is easy to see why they love it so much. John’s favorite wine is produced at a winery owned by the creator of the Godfather movies, Francis Coppola, so we had to stop in there. Stocked up on wines and John got a new hat. I love it!

Headed on to the coast through farmlands and then into dense, dark redwood forests as we got closer to the ocean. Did the 33 mile drive through the “Avenue of the Giants” and stopped to take a walk through the redwood forests. The size of these trees and density of the forest made for a dark, damp space that was awe inspiring and intimidating.

We reached Eureka at sunset and sat and watched the sun set over the bay as birds hunted for dinner and sea lions frolicked in the bay.

Blue heron looking for dinner as the sun sets on Eureka
Spring is just around the corner
John in his new hat
Estate in the Alexander Valley


Francis Coppola Winery


Avenue of the Giants – Redwood forests