The Napa Valley is as beautiful as they claim and a very romantic setting with stately homes on vineyards for miles and miles in lovely valleys surrounded by mountains. We saw so many young couples visiting the area. We visited the Robert Modavi winery and took a tour of the farm and facilities. I learned a lot about how the wines were made, and of course, we had to sample some of the wares.

Getting up at 5:00am to go on a hot air balloon ride as the sun was rising was an adventure. It was really cold and the car windscreen was iced up completely. Forgot all about the cold as we gently rose into the air and saw the sun peak its head above the mountains as we floated above the Napa valley covered with dormant vines surrounded by wildflowers.

We did not hit our projected landing spot, so were lucky enough to get an extra 30 minutes up in the sky as we found a field that was safe for landing. A champagne breakfast

Happy, despite the cold
Robert Modavi Winery


Where the wine is made
Barrels of wine aging


Sunrise over the valley