John and I decided we were getting tired of living out of a suitcase, and were anxious to get to San Juan island, so would leave exploring Oregon for another time. We did a twelve hour drive from Eureka to Portland along the coastline. As we wanted to make sure we got to Portland, did not stop much along the way. We were lucky, and it was a mostly sunny day, so driving was easy. It started out with a fine layer of mist enshrouding the coast and forests. Passed several herds of elk grazing in meadows. Dense redwood forests lined a lot of the highway which then opened to vistas of wild coast line. Crossed many interesting bridges along the way. Small populations in towns with very friendly people. Lots of nature. Not much civilization. Definitely a place we need to spend more time exploring.


Herds of elk


Forests line the highway
Interesting bridges


Sea lion party