We drove our car onto the ferry at Anacortes, and within minutes, we  were on our way to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island. It was a cold, grey day, and my heart was beating faster with excitement as we neared Friday Harbor. Could this be a new home for us? Only time will tell.

It has been unusually cold here the last three months – the coldest three months in decades. The temperature is at least ten degrees below normal. We have had rain, sleet and even snow predicted, but the snow was a no-show. The sun has peaked out from time to time. The house we have rented was a lovely surprise and exceeded our expectations. You approach it through a winding driveway through a forest and it sits on the water’s edge with a view of the bay and ocean from every room. My favorite spot is on the couch near the window, where I can watch the birds fly by and look out for creatures of the sea.

We are slowly exploring the island and went to Roche Harbor yesterday, where we had lunch and a walk. Since it was Sunday, the chappel was playing organ music that was piped into the harbor – not religious songs, but feel good songs, and it made me smile.

We have seen deer everywhere, and so many kinds of birds. Since I am a crazy bird fanatic, I am going to bore everyone to death with my bird photos. We stopped at a winery and tasted some wine and bought a couple of bottles. Went for long walks through the forests. I am already madly in love with San Juan Island. Let’s see how we feel after a few weeks of rain, cold and grey weather. If we still like it after that, we may have a new home – for at least part of the year.

Two chairs at the water’s edge for us to watch sea creatures and birds fly by
Driveway to our home for a few weeks
Driving to the southern end of the island
Red-tailed hawk
Roche Harbor
This defiant face spoke to me
Chapel at winery popular for weddings
Femaled hooded Merganser
Male hooded Merganser
red-tailed hawk