I have now visited this city several times, and would love to live here, if it were not for the lack of sunshine. I love the city size, landscape, the people, and of course, that it is surrounded by nature and water.

We stayed at the “Inn on the Market”, a recommendation from Stephanie, who worked with us years ago and also took care of Shane when he was little. We had dinner with her and her boyfriend Barry and it was lovely to catch up. We were given an upgrade to an ocean view room and what a view that was. The hotel is right next to Pike Market and we could see the market from our room. Bought some exotic foods from there to take with us to San Juan island. The aromas from the market and visuals make it one of my favorite markets in the world. Another place we need to spend more time, but we are anxious to get to our final destination in Washington for a few weeks – San Juan Island.