Yesterday, it actually snowed. Twice. We also had sun and rain and rainbows. Did a little more exploring.

Today. Even though it was a windy, cold day, I wanted to get out and go for a serious hike for a few hours. John was not feeling great, so he stayed behind and I went on a very solitary hike through America’s Camp on the southern end of the island. Other than birds and sealife, saw only one other person on this cold and windswept peninsula. I felt I was back in Alaska or Antarctica. It was invigorating and breath taking – in more than one way.

Heard some cries high up in a tree and saw a number of bald eagles soaring up above, and tracked the sound down. Dead small animals and birds lay at the base of the tree, and high up, near the top of the tree, was a giant nest. I never saw the source of the cries, but suspect it was a baby, bald eagle. I feel ALIVE!

sj 404
Cold, windswept coastline on hike today
sj 405
Snow in our front yard, yesterday
sj 406
Sunshine in Snug Harbor yesterday
sj 407
Rain shadow bringing sunshine
sj 408
and rainbows
sj 409
Cold and invigorating
sj 412
Sanderling on beach
sj 414
Bald eagle nest?
sj 415
Bald eagles soaring up high