We took the 11:30am ferry to Orcas island on a cold and rainy day. An hour later, after passing many little islands, some privately owned with a single stately home and boat dock, we arrived in Orcas Village. We drove off the ferry and started exploring. We drove through forests and came to one that was so many shades of green, all the way from chartreuse to emerald green. It was enchanting! Later, I discovered that the name of the forest was in fact, The Enchantment Forest. We passed so much wildlife, lakes, farms and small villages. We took a break for lunch at a waterside restaurant. Dungeness crab, fried oysters, salmon tacos and clam chowder – all fresh -washed down with wine. It was a delicious meal.

We continued exploring after lunch, but it was raining quite hard, so did not stop to walk around much after that. Time flew by and we realized we better hurry back or we would miss the ferry. I took us to the wrong village, and we were going to miss the ferry for sure, but tried our best to get there anyway. We arrived just after the ferry was supposed to leave, but it was still there, just getting ready to leave. The ticket office radioed the captain, and he was kind enough to wait for us to come on board. The people of the San Juan islands are very nice people. They are kind and always have time to help you.

sj 517
Canadian geese take flight
sj 502
Enchanted Forrest
sj 503
House on private island

sj 504sj 507

sj 510
Lake on island
sj 511
sj 512
Lake on island

sj 518

sj 519
We saw a large family of rabbits, dear and so many birds
sj 522
Made it onto the ferry back to Friday Harbor