We took a small boat to go and find the orcas a few days ago. The resident orcas of the area usually return around May, but J-pod was spotted back in the area near Victoria on Vancouver island Canada a few days before.

It was cold and rainy when we left, but the sky brightened up and even had a few rays of sun come out before we left the orcas.

We saw several family members of the j-pod, and what an awesome sight! They were feeding on salmon, and then at some point, just started frolicking and having fun. The snow clad Olympic mountains peaked out from behind the clouds and made a stunning backdrop for these beautiful creatures.

The resident orcas of the area feed on salmon, while the transient orcas show up a little later when the seals have pups in spring and summer. They feed on seals and sealions.

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Orca enjoys view of Olympic mountains, too
sj 709
The dirty dozen

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sj 712
Near Victoria, Vancouver Island, Canada