So I am becoming obsessed with the wild life here on the island. I found out that the eagles in America’s camp should be nesting soon. In the last couple of years, they have always started nesting on March 19th, so are a little late this year. I set the alarm for 6:00am this morning to go to America’s camp to see if I could spot the eagles near or in the nest.

Was disappointed when I got there as I could not see an eagle in the nest, but a few moments later, heard an eagle calling their mate and was able to locate the source of those calls. The calls soon met with success as their partner showed up and soon they both took flight in search of breakfast.

On my bucket list of wildlife was to see a fox in the wild, and early this morning, had my encounter with a silver fox. We both were paralyzed and stared at each other, and then the fox took off. I must admit I was intimidated. Much larger than I expected.
Woodpeckers are everywhere in the forests, but are quite difficult to spot. I am getting better at tracking down these entertaining birds.


sj3 100
Walking near Danger rock

sj3 101

sj3 102
Secret pond in the forest
sj3 104
Yummy, insects found

sj3 108

sj3 201
Eagle calling for its mate
sj3 202
Success! The calls worked and they both took off for breakfast
sj3 206
Another woodpecker

sj3 205.JPG