The last few days have exposed me to more and more nature and wild life on this beautiful island. Maybe I have just become more attuned with the island and have become better at spotting the wild life. I have had several encounters with wild foxes, including a red one that was too far away to get a good photo, several encounters up close with bald eagles, but not a camera ready, and whales and eagles are making their way past our windows as I sit on my couch with a good book. Difficult to concentrate, as I am constantly distracted by the activities outside the window.

It is lovely to see the island become even greener and more colorful, as trees add more and more color each day as the days are warming up. At first, a few pink or white buds appeared, or tiny fragile green leaves, and each day, as I step out the door, I see more color. The days are becoming warmer and the sunshine more frequent.

Took a horseback ride through a forest on Saturday. Can’t wait to do more.

I hope I don’t bore you with my photos of all this nature.

Silver fox
sj3 300
Trumpeter swans
sj3 301
Canadian geese heading home?

sj3 302

sj3 303
Juvenille blad eagle

sj3 304

sj3 305
Winter and spring collide
sj3 306
Horseback riding
sj3 309
Trees begin to blossom
sj3 311
B&B in Friday Harbor

sj3 314sj3 316

sj3 317
Trumpeter swans
sj3 319
Juvenile bald eagle

sj3 402

sj3 403
Another silver fox sighting
sj3 404
Belted kingfisher

sj3 407

sj3 410
My collection of crab shells

sj3 411sj3 412