sj3 500
She is nesting while he stands guard
sj3 501
American robin in early morning light
sj3 503
Fox and rabbits together

sj3 505

sj3 506
Juvenile eagle in early morning light
sj3 508
farm in early morning light
sj3 510
Fight over food and both lose
sj3 512
Male quail
sj3 513
Female quail
sj3 516
i love you, you love me

sj3 518

sj3 519
Where are the fairies?
sj3 520
Trees in bloom everywhere

Woke up early this morning to see the sun streaming into the room. Jumped out of bed and quickly got dressed to go for an early morning 6 mile hike. So much to see, and so beautiful!

Saw a silver fox prowl the prairie while rabbits all around ignored him. Predator and prey living in harmony.

Saw two juvenile eagles fight over the prey after I watched one eagle swoop to the ground and grab some unsuspecting prey. They fought in the air, and eventually, what was left of the prey, dropped and fell to the ground. The two eagles went their separate ways.

Saw two quails perched on a fence, fluffing their feathers and enjoying the sun.

Saw new daffodils sprouting everywhere.

Saw the two eagles in America’s camp high up in a tree together not too far from the nest. A few minutes later, they both flew to the nest and she made herself comfortable while he stood guard.

Saw so much more, but will bore you with more detail. It just made me smile and smile and smile!