Where has the time gone? I cannot believe it is time to pack up and leave. We are going to miss San Juan Island. I am leaving a piece of my heart behind when we get on the ferry tomorrow morning.

Went on a long hike both yesterday and today. Doing 6 or more miles each day at the moment. Love my Fitbit that keeps track of it all and motivates me to keep moving.

The eagles are definitely nesting. She is twenty five years old. He is a bit younger. The concern, when she was late nesting this year, was that she was just getting too old.

We went to Roche Harbor yesterday afternoon for lunch and saw a crab boat come in with a full load of dungeness crab. Turns out it is the last day of the season. We bought two of the critters and kept them alive in a bucket of sea water until we boiled them for dinner. They were the sweetest crabs I have ever eaten.

After a glorious day yesterday, the rain was back last night and this morning. As soon as it stopped I went for my last hike with a sad heart. We get on the ferry to Vancouver Island, Canada in the morning.

sj3 600
The eagles are nesting
sj3 601
red shafted northern flicker
sj3 602
Structures on the beach
sj3 603
Northern shrike
sj3 609
Watery sun early in the morning
sj3 613
Sitting on the nest
sj3 615
sj3 616
Juvenile bald eagle

sj3 700sj3 702

sj3 707
Roche Harbor

sj3 708sj3 711

sj3 712
Sir, may I please have two?

sj3 716

sj3 717
Into the pot you go. Don’t pinch me