from close to the Canadian border, we headed to close to the Mexican border – in just a few days.

After leaving Victoria, we took a ferry back to Anacortes on the mainland of Washington State. We stopped at a couple of tulip farms. The daffodils were in full bloom, but the tulips were lagging due to the unusually cold winter.

We stayed a few days in Fairhaven and met up with friends who had just purchased a new home high up on the mountain with a view overlooking the San Juan islands.

We decided, that instead of a leasurely drive back to California with a few stops for a couple of days along the way, to get back as quickly as possible and go and stay in our home in La Quinta, California for a few days, take care of some things and leave before new renters come in for the Coachella event. We went from 40 degrees to 90 degrees in a couple of days.

It has been lovely spending time here in La Quinta. The desert air is dry and crisp. There are birds chirping everywhere and flowers in bloom. Been spending a little time in the sun each day, and already have a nice tan going, so am ready for the boat in Italy!

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rt 525
My hike in the desert this morning
rt 524
John goofing around in our garden
rt 521
Our bedroom in La Quinta
rt 520
La Quinta
rt 519
My bathroom and sanctuary
rt 516
Even weeds can be beautiful
rt 514
Those almond trees in Central California now have leaves instead of blossoms
rt 513
Somewhere along Interstate 5 in Oregon where we spent the night
rt 503
Roadrunner captured a lizard for breakfast this morning