We are back in Europe to start our next sailing adventure and are spending a few days in Brighton before heading over to Sicily and the boat.

The day started very well yesterday when I got up early and found an open coffee shop. Was given the best cappuccino I have had in some time on the house by a barista with a lovely smile. We spent the day going on a seven mile hike from the Brighton pier to the marina and then did the cliff walk under the white chalk cliffs and then walked back on the top ridge of the cliff amongst fields of wild flowers.

Last night, we went to a great comedy show at Komedia. Let’s just say that Trump and the USA was the brunt of several of the jokes and skits.

By the time the day had ended, we had walked about ten miles.

This morning, we went to the Royal Pavilion. This lovely, over the top and whimsical palace always makes me smile. It represents Brighton to me. Very diverse, colorful and just a little seedy, but so much beauty. Brighton also reminds me of Venice Beach, California.

The sun was out, and so were thousands of people taking advantage of this glorious day. Everyone was out shopping, strolling or biking the promenade along the coast, or sitting huddled together in groups on the beach soaking up the sun. Kids were riding the amusement park rides, running in and out of the water, or tossing stones into the sea.

I was mesmerized by the buildings and the streets of Brighton. Walked for miles up and down streets just absorbing the blend of new and old buildings that lined the streets.br 201br 116

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White chalk cliffs
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br 101
The one seagull stayed balanced and perched on the other for about 5 minutes

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br 100
Kestrels hover almost motionless at the top of the cliffs

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