We spend the first night in Sicily in a hotel near Portorosa where our boat is waiting to go back in the water. The next morning, we head over to see Mahe Dream. She looks fabulous, with a brand new bottom paint and the hull polished a gleaming white.

We get her into the water and then spend the better part of a week getting her ship-shape again and ready for our next sailing adventure. We needed to put the sails back on – John is still recovering from his shoulder surgery, so had to do it carefully and in stages. We put the interior back together again, clean the boat, polish the stainless steel, pump up the dinghy and get the engine working, get organized, and oh, remembered to have fun and sunset drinks, make wonderful meals, drink lots of Ferrari champagne, go swimming in the very blue and calm sea and took moments between chores to just stare at the teal blue water glistening in the Marina, the verdant green hills dotted with villages, and the blue, blue sky. The temperature has been perfect – between 75 and 85 degrees F each day. The islands are calling us and we are probably going to head out on Tuesday, a week after putting our floating home on the water.GA0A6839GA0A6840GA0A6842GA0A6855GA0A6859GA0A6964GA0A6970GA0A6989GA0A7010