The day I went for a swim at the beach for the first time between chores, the sun was sparkling on the ocean, and it was calm and deserted. It was beautiful and peaceful! I had a book, and after a swim, lay down to dry in the sun and read. A few minutes later, two dogs were on top of me. I recognized one dog, as it had stopped by the boat the night before as we were having sunset drinks. At first, I was amused.

Following the two dogs was an Italian man of about my age or younger who was soon joined by another older Italian man. They had the whole beach to sit on, but chose my little spot and kept trying to talk to me. I explained I did not understand Italian, but that did not deter either of them. Eventually, to escape the awkwardness I was feeling, I went into the water and stayed there for almost an hour, trying to escape the men and the dogs, who were equally relentless.

Back on the beach, I buried myself in my book. The younger of the Italian men, came over and brought me some shells he had collected. He asked if I was married, by pointing to his wedding ring finger. I guess I should be flattered to have so many Italian suitors in such a short period of time, but having lived for so long in the USA, I had forgotten how aggressively European men tend to pursue women, no matter their age.

They also tried to get me to adopt one of the dogs and take it on the boat with us. Eventually, gave up on getting any privacy and attempted to leave the beach, but the one dog grabbed my arm with his teeth, then my dress and tried to drag me back to the beach. There goes that dress in the trash can! Eventually, with some stern words to the dogs, was able to make my way back to the safety of the boat, with a few scratches and a story to tell. Such is the life of an adventurer in a strange country!