May 10th

After two days of high winds, we have this beautiful day of a calm between the storms to enjoy John’s birthday. Mahe Dream is ready for a sail! We go out into the bay where there are perfect winds for some nice easy sailing. The sea is blue, the sky is blue, it is perfect! What a way to spend the day. We are both happy as can be to be back on the water again and sailing.

We walked into town for dinner at about 9:00pm – restaurants don’t even open until 8:00pm. What do I mean “restaurants”. There is only one open. It is off season, and the locals don’t eat out much, so we don’t have much in the line of choices. The food is excellent and we have a lovely stroll back in the quiet, moonlit beach front and then take our dinghy back to our boat. A storm is supposed to start in the early hours of the morning and the winds are supposed to hit gale force,even in our marina.

Earlier in the day, we made sure everything was secured and that the four lines holding the boat were firmly in place. We moved the stern of the boat further away from the pier in case we got pushed back by the wind. Bimini’s and splash guards came down. Sails firmly secured. “Battened down the hatches” so to speak and went to sleep.
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