May 11th

Woke up at 4:00am to feel the boat being tilted over, and a wind beginning to roar. We have more than 24 hours of this and it is going to get worse. I go back to sleep and wake up at around 9:00am to find John has made coffee. I have a headache, either from the pressure of the wind, or from the cheap wine last night. It is blowing really hard and the boat is tilting. John has checked and keeps checking all the lines. A few minutes later, one of the front lines snaps from the force of the wind and we slam back into the pier. Luckily, we had fenders in place for such an eventuality. There is debris flying through the air. People are on almost all the boats trying to control damage that is happening everywhere. John starts up the engines and tries to keep the boat off the pier while I run to seek help. About 30 minutes later, with a lot of help, we have the boat secured with several lines to the catamaran next to us which in turn is secured to a pile on across the way. If that boat gives way, we are all going to be in a lot of trouble.

The wind is expected to reach gale force over the next few hours. Right now it is registering about 28knots in the harbor with gusts of up to 40knots. It is expected to increase another 10knots in the harbor with gusts up to 55knots. Out on the ocean, they are expecting gusts of 65knots. It is now 11:00am here. We can expect this to go on until about 6:00am tomorrow morning.

So far, we are safe. Photos cannot capture the wind, so John took a video.