May 12th

We survived the second blast that came from the south and deposited rain carrying rust colored desert sand from Africa. It was hot and humid. There was a lull for a few hours in the afternoon, and then the winds picked up again, but luckily were not as strong as predicted. It still kept us on our toes and we were unable to sleep. At 12:30am, they abruptly halted and there was dead calm.

We woke up to find calm seas, a rust colored boat, lots of debris everywhere, but all in all, we were none the worse for wear. A few hours of cleaning and we were ready to head over to the Aeolian islands.

It was a little foggy at first without much wind, but in a short while, had perfect sailing conditions and sailed all the way until we reached the first island, Vulcano, when the wind just died. We pulled in the sails and started the motor. We made it through the channel between Vulcano and Lipari, our final destination and were about 5 minutes from the Marina when the engine died. We had to quickly raise the main sail so we would not blow ashore. I kept us sailing steadily out to sea, while John spent the next almost two hours diagnosing the issue, checking the lines and filters, as the diesel fuel was not getting to the engine. He found the problem, and we made it to the Marina in Lipari in the late afternoon.

What a beautiful sight! I fell in love all over again with Lipari. We strolled into town at sunset and have a wonderful seafood meal. Visual delights are everywhere. All the locals are out at night chatting in the street or sitting outside their houses. There are very few tourists here at this time of the year – at least compared to August, when we were here last.

This morning, took a long walk through a tunnel going to the next bay in the opposite direction of the main town in Lipari. It was beautiful, with the smell of jasmine everywhere.

li 116
Our marina
li 125li 122li 121
li 117
Fishermen fixing their nets
li 114
li 113
Lipari on the other
li 112
Vulcano on one side
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li 102
Not feeling blue at all in Lipari