May 14th
I have noticed a trend in Europe – whether it is Croatia, Greece or Italy. They really seem to honor their dead, and cemeteries are well cared for and often attended. Today, as it is Mother’s Day, noticed many visitors placing fresh flowers on mothers’ graves. Very touching and endearing to watch. Their mothers are not forgotten.

These islanders also seem to live for a long time and large families often get buried together. Almost everyone in the cemetery seemed to be 80 years or older. I watched a women plant fresh flowers on a grave with her grandson. The one frame for a photo was filled on the gorgeous marble tombstone – presumably her husband, and the second frame was blank, I assume waiting for her one day. How strange to grow flowers on the place where one day your body will rest. What thoughts must be going through her head, or is it just me?

I have also observed that the cemeteries are often on prime land, often on hill tops overlooking spectacular valleys or bays. The one here in Lipari is no exception.
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li 311
This handsome boy only lived to 17

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li 304
I wonder what his story was
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li 313
View from the top
li 314
Paying respects to his mother with flowers
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