May 15th

What another beautiful day in Lipari. The weather is just perfect at this time of the year. It is not too hot, and there is this lovely light breeze that blows throughout the day. After taking a long walk in the morning, we rented a car for a few hours in the afternoon and drove around the island. The roads are narrow, and luckily we did not encounter many other cars, as often, there is only room for one small vehicle. The whole island is covered with wild flowers. As you drive around the island, you see another volcanic island from every viewpoint. We have dinner in town and meet up with another couple who have been sailing for two years now. Lively conversation until late and then off to bed. Tomorrow going to be a long day as we are off to see three other 500li 501li 505li 508li 509li 513li 514li 515li 519