May 16th

A long day from early morning until late at night, we met up with Caroline, an Australian who is visiting here. Her dad was born here in Lipari and so she is reconnecting with her past. We take a boat to Vulcano and back and enjoy a few hours soaking in the mud and swimming in the ocean where there are pockets of hot water rising from the ocean floor.

Next we take a boat to the island of Panarea and explore that island for a couple of hours. Lastly, we head over to Stromboli, a volcano that is constantly active and growing and spewing lava into the air. It is amazing to me, but people live there on this active volcano. We have been watching this island from afar for some time now, and you can see the volcanic explosions pushing steam into the air and there is almost a constant volcanic cloud hanging over the exposed and active crater.

We head into town and have a wonderful fresh fish dinner overlooking the bay with all the sailboats and the small outcropping of rock in the distance with a lighthouse at the very top that is apparently where Stromboli first surfaced. Laughter, good food, good company and stunning views. What more can one ask for?

As the sun sets, the boat picks us up and we head first to the outcropping of rock with the lighthouse, which is just stunning to see up close, and then around the island to where the lava explodes into the sky and runs down the sides all the way to the sea. This “River of Fire” is pretty constant, and the side of the island is black from top to bottom.

We sit there in the dark and watch as Stromboli explodes several times sending red lava high into the air. We can also see lightning and hear thunder start at the other end of the island.

Making our way back to Lipari in the dark of night watching an incredible lightning storm from the safety of the bow with the wind in our faces, I am content and enthralled. It is a long ride back. The night is beautiful. Back on our boat, tired and euphoric from the experiences today, the storm catches up with us and lighting flashes, thunder roars and the rain comes down as I am gently rocked to sleep.

vps 100
Water bubbles up in the ocean at Vulcano
vps 101
Caroline does a selfie at Vulcano
vps 103
vps 105
Waiting for the boat in Lipari
vps 109
Leaving Lipari
vps 111
Crater at Vulcano
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vps 201
vps 204
vps 205
Caves in cove on Panarea
vps 206
A new island and volcano starting?
vps 300x
The first island started by Stromboli
vps 301x
Stromboli explodes lava
vps 302
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