Suspended in blue gel. The waters appear midnight blue in the reflected sunshine on the surface, dark because of the the volcanic black rocks that line the ocean floor. Once in the water, the clarity is remarkable and you feel suspended in this clear, bright blue medium. This is what they mean when they refer to Mediterranean blue. The water is refreshing, not cold. Mostly, other than a few fish here and there, black sea urchins and bright red sea anemones, the only ones accompanying me on this long snorkel are the graceful jellyfish. They continue to fascinate me and I watch as they dance their way through the beautiful blue, filtered with sunlight that catches the iridescent hues of pinks and reds as they propel themselves onward.

I am wearing a skin to protect my body from stings, have a few close encounters when I get distracted and am not paying attention, but luckily, no stings. Same for John or Caroline. It is wonderful to be back in the water. We all get back into the dinghy euphoric with hands that resemble prunes.jf 201jf 202jf 203jf 204jf 205