May 19th

Lethargic. That is how I felt all day as we took a ferry to the islands of Alicudi and Filicudi. It was a warm still day and the water was calm and deep blue. I had not slept well the last few nights as we were eating later, getting to bed later, and then been woken up at 2, 3 and 4 am as fishing boats head out to sea from the Marina.

The islands were beautiful and peaceful, with very few residents living on them year round. Alicudi actually had no real roads, and donkeys were used to transport most goods up and down the hilly terrain.

Took a swim at both islands and felt refreshed for a short time, but the motion and sound of the motors soon put me back into a stupor and on the last leg back to Lipori, eventually fell fast asleep. A lovely, lazy day. We have now been to 6 of the 8 Aeolian islands.

fa 101
Volcanic outcroppings make for strange shapes
fa 102
Salina – calm blue seas
fa 103
Caves and crystal clear waters at Filiculi
fa 104fa 106fa 107
fa 108
fa 109
John braves the sea wall
fa 111
Do I look as sleepy as I felt?
fa 112fa 115
fa 116
Love the way the reeds make shadows on the wall
fa 117
fa 120
Locals – mother and daughter take a stroll
fa 122
fa 125
Is God giving us the finger? We have done so much to destroy his planet.
fa 126
fa 128fa 129