May 21st
Two days of high winds means the fishing and tourist boats ferrying people to the islands are pretty much grounded. The town of Lipari is really quiet today – few tourists are out and even fewer locals. Everyone is hiding indoors or may be in church, as it is Sunday. The weather changes every five minutes. One minute, the wind is gusting and blowing hats off and umbrellas over, the next moment it is dead calm. A minute later it is raining and ten minutes later, the sun is back out. It has been that way all day so far on this last day in Lipari.

The high winds are supposed to calm down progressively starting early tomorrow morning, so we want to take advantage of some of those declining winds to blow us over to the main land of Italy. John took the dinghy into town and we got stocked up on supplies for the next leg of our journey.
li 700

li 701
Stormy clouds as we prepare to take provisions back to boat
li 702
li 703
Little girls in their Sunday best
li 704
Rain soaked streets devoid of tourists and locals
li 706
Fishing boats grounded due to weather
li 711
li 714
Sea pushed flat and deceptively calm looking from winds