May 22nd
The crossing across the blue, blue sea was beautiful. Unfortunately, the predicted winds were not there, and we had to motor most of the way. On the other hand, the sea was so calm and as we made our way over to the mainland, we had dolphins come and play in our bow a couple of times and could clearly see Stromboli island erupting every 15-30 minutes, sending a cloud of steam into the air.

As we turned the corner of the mainland, we were greeted with tall cliffs, white beaches, turquoise waters close to shore and the stunning, cliff side town of Tropea. Photos just cannot do it justice.

We made our way into the Marina, successfully avoiding the shallows, and were given a lovely berth with beautiful views of Tropea.

We walked the 200 plus steps up the cliff to the top where the old town of Tropea is located and built into the cliff. My jaw dropped several times. There is something beautiful to see around every corner, and there are many corners. We watched the sun set over the ocean from the cliff top with Stromboli visible in the distance. Perfect.

We then had dinner in a restaurant in one of those old buildings built into the cliff. It was so romantic. The food was outstanding – we just had seafood and vegetables. The wine was fantastic and the after dinner Grappa they gave us warmed me all the way to my toes. We navigated those stairs down to the beach level where our boat is in the dark, a little unsettling and scary after consuming some alcohol and we both slept like rocks in this quiet Marina last night.

tr 100
Romantic restaurant in building built into cliff
tr 101
centuries old Santa Maria dell’Isola Church on a rock overlooking sea
tr 101x
A sunset to remember
tr 103
tr 115
Stairs to village
tr 116
Marina where we are staying
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tr 141
Navigating stairs in the dark
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