June 1st

This beautiful little port at the base of a steep mountain is picturesque and quaint. The main village is up on the hill and hidden from view, and we make an attempt to rent a car.

The taxi driver taking us up to the village says his brother has a rental car. It is 60 euros per day, all inclusive. We arrange with the taxi driver that we will meet his brother in the square and will rent the car for 6 days.

The brother shows up with the car, has me fill out all the paperwork, which he then gives back to me without making a copy so we have legitimate papers if we are stopped by police. He keeps nothing, not John’s name, credit card info, our phone numbers, drivers license info – nothing. Not even our names. He hands us the keys. John hands him the 360 Euros, and off we go. I have his number on a piece of paper. That is it. I guess they are not too worried that we are going to steal the car.

We then drive up to the top of the hill where there is a huge statue of Christ, several stories high right at the top that overlooks the mountains and villages – it looks away from the sea. This town of Maratea has over 40 churches! The view from up there just takes our breath away. The clouds float up and over us and at times partially obscure the view. We are all affected by the beauty at the top of this hill. We watch as the sun sets over the mountains where John’s family village is – Sicignano. We are less than three hours drive from there.

We have a lovely dinner in town and make our way back to the port. We park the car in a pay-per-hour area, and are told not to take a ticket or pay, as it has been broken for a long time and the police don’t care. So the parking is free! That is life in Southern Italy.GA0A0370GA0A0283GA0A0304GA0A0255GA0A0319GA0A0265GA0A0247GA0A0231GA0A0228GA0A0220

Luka buys seeds and trees. Others buy souveniers