June 5th
We wake up early to the most idyllic, romantic spot I have ever been. We open our doors and look out on the terrace with a view on the village and caves of “Sassi Caveoso”.

Birds are flying and singing everywhere and the sun is shining. We just lay in bed for an hour or two, enjoying the view and the ambiance.

Then, braving the heat after a hearty, but healthy breakfast, we navigate the stairs once more, all the way to the top. The town is filled with carabinieri, as it turns out, the Prime Minister of Italy is coming in for the afternoon to Matera to make a speech. As the day wears on, we see truck load after truck load of armored cars and police being deposited in Matera. By the time the Prime Minister arrives, we cannot get near him, as the whole area is cordoned off.

John made friends with a fabulous artist who is famous here in Italy. We love his work and he gave us several postcards of his work.

We go out for dinner in a lovely cave restaurant and over-indulge in steak, lamb and sweetbreads. I dress to blend in with the feel of Matera. What a wonderful place, Matera is!

mt 300x
Uniformed and uninformed police and security line the streets
mt 301
mt 301x
Dressed to match Matera
mt 302
mt 304
Cats everywhere. Most afraid of humans. Not this well cared for one in the shop window
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mt 326
Another Italian wedding
mt 327
It is hot!
mt 333
mt 335
Even the stray dogs need cooling off
mt 336
John making friends
mt 342
Off to dinner