June 6-8
Back in Maratea on the boat. The days are hot and still, the water cool, but not cold. John goes on a maintenance and cleaning frenzy, while I do computer work, paddle board, swim, and walk up stairs – again! This time I almost pass out from the heat and de-hydration. Not keen to do that again. John goes spearfishing to build up skills. Since the water is warmer, he is able to stay in a long time. I watch from the dinghy anchored in a bay where the water is a deep, clear, blue, reading my book and checking up on John from time to time. Quite a surge out there. No luck spearfishing, but John does buy four lovely fish from the local fisherman as he returns from the sea with his catch, and we have a lovely meal with zucchini blossoms, mushrooms and a little pasta. All washed down with the local sparkling wine. Other meals we eat out. Too hot to eat much, so good for the diet. I can get used to this life… the days are melting into each other.mt 501mt 502mt 503mt 504mt 505mt 509mt 511mt 513mt 515mt 516