For days, I have been mesmerized by the statue of the Redeemer, or Christ at the top of the hill. He hovers over the Marina and I am constantly aware of his presence.

John and I were out for a dinghy ride close to sunset, when I noticed an unusual cloud formation around him that was discolored. It was as if the cloud was rising from the ground. Soon, I saw flames and we headed as quickly as we could back to the the Marina. There was just one small fire. I told everyone I could in the Marina. No-one seemed concerned or reacted. John and I seemed to be the only ones paying attention as the fires took hold and spread. I am especially aware of fires and how quickly they can spread, because of what has just happened in the Cape Province in South Africa. They have been engulfed by terrible and disasterous fires for days.

There had been no wind for almost all the time we have been here. Out of no where, unpredicted, the wind picks up at sunset and soon the fires are spreading. Still, I don’t hear fire engines, or see anyone attempting to put the fire out. It is now later at night. Jesus does look like he is burning at the stake. Still not seen any attempt to put this fire out. How strange is that? As I lie here writing this, I can hear the wind begin to howl. I hope that no lives are endangered tonight. We are safe on the water, even if the fire comes rushing down the mountain. However, the town of Maratea could be threatened if this wind changes direction.