June 12th

After a restless night without much sleep as I could smell the fire burning, got up grumpy. John was all happiness and cheer – when did the tables get reversed? I am supposed to be the happy morning person and he the grumpy one in the morning!

We set off as the sun starts to peak around the still burning mountain of Maratea for Agropoli. It is windy, but not sufficient to be tempted to put out the sails, as we have quite a distance to go. Besides, John wants to do some fishing and he sets out several rods with lures. It is encouraging, as we do spot several schools of what look like tuna or similar, splashing on the surface. We troll through all of them, but no luck in getting a strike.

We spot another turtle, but don’t want to get too close, as we still have lines out. As we get within a mile of Agropoli, the engine stops again. Another fuel line clog. We hoped we were at the end of the bad fuel in our tank, as we had almost drained it and filled up again in Maratea. Seems like there is more “gunk” in the tank. John is going to figure out a way to empty the tank completely and wash it before putting fuel back in. This has happened four times now on the trip, and luckily each time, we have been able to get a sail out quickly and direct the boat away from danger.

We make it in to Agropoli in time to enjoy a stunning sunset. We can see Capri and the Amalfi coastline from Agropoli. Looking forward to our week here and exploring this new town. A little sad, too, as we are moving closer to tourism and larger cities. I have loved the time we spent in Southern Italy, an area where there are few large cities and towns and even fewer tourists.

ag 100
ag 100x
Amalfi and Capri in background, our boat in foreground
ag 101ag 102
ag 102x
Birds, planes and spectacular sunset
ag 103
ag 106
Castellabate on the way to Agropoli
ag 107
She looks happy here
ag 109
John always searching for parts and treasures
ag 112
Entering old town
ag 116
ag 117
Wedding in church at top of hill