Found this article on and translated as best I could – dated June 12th.

Devastating fire in Marata

The fire that started around 5:00pm yesterday is reaching houses in the historical center of Maratea. We contacted the mayor of Maratea, Domenico Cipolla, and in a preoccupied voice, told us this:

“Yesterday, a fire developed at the slopes of Christ the Redeemer statue and then stumbled across the slopes. If the rescue had been timely, the fire would have remained small. The first firefighters were from Lauria and then Potenza. The mountain is completely devastated
The statue of Christ and the Basilica were not damaged, thanks only to the timely arrival of some volunteers. Now the wind is blowing and the flames are reaching the houses. Poison from the smoke is also a risk.”

We hope that the fire is quickly put out and that there is no further damaged caused to people and property.

mt 900
Sunrises over a burning Maratea
mt 901
Goodbye Maratea. Until we see you again. Be safe.
mt 902mt 903
mt 905
Fire seems to be spreading to town
mt 906mt 907