June 20

We leave Agropoli on a day where the seas are calm and the wind is nowhere to be found. So John decides to fish again, looking for those tuna. We were going to head towards Salerno, but we decide to check and see if there is any chance of getting a berth in Capri. I have been trying for some time to get a reservation there for a few days with no luck. This time, we get lucky, and we are able to spend two nights there.

As we get close to Capri, we see those tuna leaping and jumping again in another feeding frenzy. This time, they are closer to the 100 pound size, but still wonderful to see. Again, as our boat gets within striking range, they disappear. I think they see the keel and then immediately go deep. There is a reason that not much fishing is done from a sailboat… :).

As we get even closer to Capri, we see a pod of dolphins welcoming us. The island is quite something to see as you get closer, with those hign cliffs dropping straight down into azure blue seas. There is so much boat activity all around the island, the water is constantly choppy from the wakes of boats.

We get settled in our berth in the Grande Marina, which in reality is actually quite small, so understand why it was so hard to get a berth, and head out into the town. We take a funicular or cable car up to the first town on the cliff which has a panoramic terrace overlooking the ocean. We watch the sunset set at the crest of the mountain and then watch it re-set many times as it slides down the side of the mountain, over the sea and finally set over another island in the distance. So many people show up at the Terrace area to take photos of themselves, and I cannot help but snap a few photos of them. It was a very entertaining few hours sitting there with a bellini watching both the sunset and the people visiting Capri.

After dark, most of the tourists have left, and we strolled the village looking at the stores and gardens. Eventually, we made our way down hundreds of stairs and unlit alleys all the way to the bottom and had a lovely dinner at one of the restaurants near the Grande Marina.

ca 100x
The sunset that kept on giving
ca 101
Grande Marina
ca 102ca 103ca 104
ca 105
Those tuna again!
ca 107
Capri ahead
ca 113
ca 114
Funicular or cable car
ca 115ca 122ca 125ca 127ca 129ca 130
ca 132
A lifelike culpture
ca 133ca 142
ca 143
Walking back down to Grande Marina