June 18 and 19

A couple of windy days. It is also very hot. We do chores, eat out, go for walks and swims, but generally, try to stay as cool as possible.

On Saturday night, we had dinner with Mattea, Rafael a close friend of his and who introduced John to Mattea and his wife Asada. Despite the fact that they spoke almost no English and we spoke almost no Italian, we had a lovely meal.

So much so, that on Monday night, we were invited to eat dinner at the home of Rafael and Asada. They have two sons who spoke a little English, so again, it was a very lovely entertaining evening. Agropoli turned out to be a very interesting town, but will always remember it for the people we met there and made friends with. I am sure we will be back.ag 400ag 400xag 402

ag 402x
Dinner with new friends
ag 405
Windy days
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ag 415
Husband and wife fishing team
ag 416
Fishing with live worms
ag 419
Last sunset